At Apex Data, we know how important it is for your company to protect and secure your data. That is why Database Security is such an important feature in our suite of services.

  • What you should know about Database Security

  • Database security involves protecting the data and database servers your company has from potential breaches, accidental deletion, security access control issues, lack of database encryption, etc. The exposure of sensitive information can potentially destroy a company’s reputation and ultimately the trust between you and your customers.
  • What happens if my Database is not secure?

  • Threats to your data and systems, if not treated, can lead to overloads to the system, data corruption, physical damage to the servers and many other vulnerabilities to your company’s technical infrastructure.
  • Traditional Methods of Database Security

  • In order to protect your data, companies implement different methods of security, including firewalls and network intrusion detection system (IDS/IPS). Some organizations also improve security by limiting access to data to only select people. These methods and procedures provide some form of security, but cannot ensure a 100% intrusion-free database.


The experts at Apex Data can assess your database and surrounding systems in order to identify and rectify the problems within your database security. We can then combine monitoring with system management reviews, so that we can proactively identify vulnerabilities and provide you with the peace of mind and protection of your data.