One of the most crucial aspects of any business, is that the data must be available 24x7x365. When your data is unavailable, this can be detrimental to the operation of your business and ultimately impact your financial bottom line.

  • Determining your database High Availability Requirements

It is crucial to determine which of your applications are mission critical to your business and which ones are not. Some parts of your infrastructure cannot be down more than a few seconds at a time and other parts can be down longer without causing any complications. The professionals at Apex Data can discuss and implement strategies such as Clustering, AlwaysOn, replication, mirroring and log shipping, to establish recovery time targets and maintain your company’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Apex Data can maintain your application availability for you. Our professionals will train your staff to recognize what they need to do, and implement all necessary steps to keep your data available. Apex Data professionals will always be there to help your staff get through any problems they encounter and eliminate technical inefficiencies preventing you from doing what you do best.