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Remote DBA

Apex Data’s Remote DBA (Database Administrator) services are cost efficient, flexible and a highly effective all-in-one database management solution for your business. Our DBA experts are available 24x7x365 for the following services:


Database Performance Tuning-Service Page

Database Performance Tuning

Database Performance Tuning is required to optimize your database in order to get the most out of your IT infrastructure. Ideally, you want speed in performance but you also want to maintain accuracy and dependability.   At Apex Data, our experts understand the importance of database performance tuning and are equipped with the knowledge and…



Database security

At Apex Data, we know how important it is for your company to protect and secure your data. That is why Database Security is such an important feature in our suite of services.   The experts at Apex Data can assess your database and surrounding systems in order to identify and rectify the problems within…



Database HA and DR Solution

One of the most crucial aspects of any business, is that the data must be available 24x7x365. When your data is unavailable, this can be detrimental to the operation of your business and ultimately impact your financial bottom line.Apex Data can maintain your application availability for you. Our professionals will train your staff to recognize…


Database Enterprise Infrastructure Services

Database Enterprise Infrastructure Services

Our professionals can provide onsite or remote consultations for the creation of new databases within an already existing infrastructure. Organizations launch new products or services on a frequent basis, which can typically require modifications to their existing environment, or an entirely separate database and IT infrastructure. After a full understanding and analysis of your business,…



Big Data

Enhance and increase the power of your stored data with Apex Data’s end-to-end Big Data Solutions & Services. Big data is complex and difficult to process. As the size of the data is beyond the normal size, it can no longer be stored and maintained using conventional processing systems or analyzed using the traditional database…



Business Intelligence Services

There is little doubt that in this cutthroat economy, your company has to stay one step ahead of the competition. This is why it is important for your business to have  its data organized, centralized and analyzed for information necessary to make business decisions. Our Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) experts will architect…



Cloud and Virtualization Services

Cloud services provides businesses with the flexibility of deploying a quality IT infrastructure that is highly robust, secure and scalable without the need to invest in a costly physical infrastructure and the inherit maintenance costs.


Business Application Development-Service Page

Business Application Development

Businesses may feel the need to outsource more than just  teams of dedicated developers and IT professionals. Enterprise owners to outsource whole projects as a way of getting cost benefits and more efficient business operations. APEX IT Solutions offers complete services for developing different types of projects. We offer start to finish services for the following range…



Enterprise Communications Solution

In order for a company to succeed, it is increasingly important to communicate and integrate work. The functionality of an organization consists of different departments and the necessity to collaborate work. That is why at Apex Data, not only do we understand the importance of unified communications, we value communication links and we strive to…


Project Managment

Project Management

Tied to all of our consulting and managed services, project management is an integral part of the services that Apex Data provides. Our consultants are equipped with the knowledge and explanations of timelines, costs, and all of the requirements that your business needs to succeed.